Dr. Husain Bohari – Liver specialist in Nashik

The liver is one of the biggest organs in our body. It gives hundreds of functions, but its main jobs are to help digest food, store energy, remove toxic substances from the blood, and resist infection. Dr. Husain Bohari is Expertise in treating the liver-related problem. Dr. Hussain Bohari is one of the best liver specialist in Nashik.


Liver disease causes depend on the type of disease:

For several types of hepatitis, a disease that is spread from person to person in a variety of ways:

Hepatitis A  – Hepatitis A  is caused by the germs seen in the stool (poop) and is spread by poor hygiene habits. It is normally a short (acute) infection that gets better on its own.

Hepatitis B – Hepatitis B  is transferred from one affected person to another through bodily liquids such as semen, blood, or saliva. For example, it can be transferred from a mother to her baby during birth, by having unprotected courtship with someone who is already affected, or by sharing needles with an infected person. It can be a serious or long-term infection.

Hepatitis C – Hepatitis C  is the most popular blood infection in the U.S. Most of the people who have hepatitis C are “baby-boomers” born between 1945 and 1965. It is mainly developed by association with blood from someone who already had the disease.

Hepatitis D – Hepatitis D is rare and only attacks people who already have hepatitis B. This is called a coinfection. You are more likely to get a coinfection if you use injection drugs, live with someone who already has hepatitis D, or live someplace where hepatitis D is more general.

Hepatitis E – Hepatitis E is more general in countries where clean water is insufficient and hygiene is poor. It can also be serious or chronic. In the U.S., hepatitis E more likely outcomes from eating undercooked meats, such as pork, venison (deer), or other

Autoimmune hepatitis –  Autoimmune hepatitis is a long-lasting condition that may cause cirrhosis and liver failure. Experts do not yet know the exact cause of autoimmune hepatitis.

Dr. Husain Bohari is Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist in Nashik, He has vast experience of treating the various condition. Visit Premium Digestive Disease Clinic for more information

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